Croydon Park Public School

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Extra-curricular activities

Students can participate in various extra-curricular activities 

  • Primary schools sports association (PSSA) sport
  • National institute of dramatic arts (NIDA)
  • Recorder program
  • Band program - The school has two bands, the training band and senior band.

Band program

At Croydon Park Public School there is generally a senior and junior band program each year. The process to join band begins with instrument demonstrations which gives students a chance to understand and appreciate the different components of the band. This demonstration is followed by parent information sessions and then instrument testing and allocation.

The senior and junior bands are composed of the following instruments:

Woodwind: Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone.

Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba

Percussion: this includes Drum Kit, Auxiliary Percussion and Glockenspiel (Mallet Percussion).

Band students are expected to participate in regular band rehearsals, private tutoring lessons for their instrument, frequent practise at home and band performances during and outside of school hours.

The band is led by our wonderful conductor Ms Brown. The Croydon Park Public School senior band takes pride in its hard work and participates in external events, like the Inner West Band Festival, each year. Additional information can be found by contacting the band coordinator or asking at the school office.

Dance program

In addition to dance implemented in all K-6 classrooms as part of the Creative Arts K-6 syllabus, students at Croydon Park Public School have the opportunity to become involved in extra-curricular dance ensembles. Dance opportunities vary each year at the school. In 2018 the school had five dance ensembles. Each group had one dance lesson per week during lunch times.

Dance ensemble is an extension of our Performing Arts Program at our school.  It provides opportunities for students to gain confidence and to develop and perform a wide range of dance skills. Students interested in auditioning are encouraged to work independently or in groups of 3 to prepare and perform a short dance sequence. Also, each student is encouraged to follow a simple dance routine directed by the teacher. 

The dance groups have the opportunity to perform at a variety of school and community events such as Education Week, Performing Arts Night Concert, Croydon Park PS Fair and Croydon Park Festival.

The Stage 2 dance group has the opportunity to represent the school at the Annual Burwood Girls HS Dance Showcase. This group performs dance items which are choreographed and taught by BGHS Year 9 and Year 10 Elective Dance students.

Students from our Stage 2 and 3 dance ensembles, Years 4-6, have the opportunity to audition for the Schools Spectacular Group. The selected students perform at the Schools Spectacular concert. 


School Debating

Year 5 and 6 students at Croydon Park Public School are eligible to participate in the Sydney Primary Schools Debating Competition (SPSDC). Each year trials are held in Term 1 and two teams of 4 students, with 2 reserves, are offered positions in a debating team. Teams often attend an annual external debating workshop and spend time at lunch practising their skills and reflecting on debates.

The SPSDC includes 3 initial rounds held in Term 2, after which teams with the most points in the area progress to the next round. Debating rounds can be held at the school, or at other schools in the local area. Students are generally given their topic 1 day before the debate in the initial rounds and are assisted by the school’s debating coordinator when planning.

Debating is a great chance for our students to improve their public speaking, confidence and ability to think on their feet. If any students are interested in debating they can speak to the debating coordinator and try out at the beginning of each year.

Chess club